02 January, 2011

Who is staying where

Just a quick update - we hope that everyone had a good Christmas and New Years.
For anyone looking for accomodation near the families we thought we'd update you all on where the McKenna's and the Glanville's will be :) Pat's folks have booked at Allamanda House and Kate's will be staying at The Round House. Have a look at the links so you've got some idea - plenty of room around to share accom. If you would like to see if there is anyone who wants to share accommodation with, just comment on this post and see who replies :) If we know of anyone we'll let you know!

Also, as of today, there are flights from Melbourne to Hamilton Island for $169.00 Direct and from Brisbane for $59.00 Direct. The dates we were using we Wednesday 7/09/11 to Sunday 11/09/11. There are sales that happen, but $59 is the cheapest we've seen!

Hope this helps!!!!

Love Kate and Pat xx