21 March, 2013

6 weeks old

So Wils is 6 weeks old and gets his jabs tomorrow! Poor little thing! Much better than him getting sick though so I have to remember that when we're at the docs. He's also been diagnosed with mild reflux and a possible allergy to cows milk protein... How much can one poor kid take I ask you? It's not fair and I would trade places for him in a second if I could! I've started a dairy free diet in the hopes that the dairy free breast milk will help. He's a bit cranky and in pain tonight so he's in the bassinet in our room. We had some pics taken by Deanne Woods Photography the other day- I HEAR what you're saying when you mention that Pat and I met doing our photography degree what the hell did we need someone to take photos for? But we weren't doing it, we kept saying we would and we didn't so I decided to book and pay someone who would force us to show up!

14 March, 2013

5 weeks old

Not much to say. Too tired.

We've established some sort of routine now - a feed around the time I get home from work, another at 10-11pm. I'm then in bed and Kate gets up at any time between 2 and 4 and then I'm up at 6 for work and Wil is fed before I go.

I've been a bit crook and Wil has got my cold, so has been quite grizzly. We've got a strange feeling he may be like Kate and teethe early. He's been blowing bubbles which could mean any number of things though.

I got my first smile on Tuesday night and Kate on Wednesday morning. He hasn't repeated this feat though, much to GG's (Grandma Gail) dismay.

Last weekend we attended the local councils baby welcoming ceremony which was interesting. The idea for it came about as so many people are new to town and aren't aware of what services etc are out there. It was a bit of fun anyway.

Doesn't Wil look cool in his Batman suit?

07 March, 2013

A tough couple of days...

Kate here again :)

Today and yesterday has been a rough couple of days in the McKenna household. Poor Pat has been holed up with a cold- it's not so much the cold that gets him but the sneezing that lays him out... A side effect from his surgery unfortunately. The pressure in his head creates a migraine and he's very poorly tonight in particular. Then of course poor Wils either has the cold too, or is just a bit sniffly but also just a bit upset. We cracked out the infants panadol tonight and he's currently snoozing quietly in his cot (Wil is, pat's flat out asleep in bed) and I'm on a mattress on the living room floor so that Pat can get sleep.

We had a lovely visit this week from a friend Tamika and her little girl Nikalah- Nikalah was born on Christmas Eve last year so there's really only 6 and a half weeks or so between them. He got so excited (for a newborn!) when we popped Nikalah on the matt beside him. He shook his little arms and legs and she reached over and touched his arms. So cute!!!

The other thing that was cute this week was Milo wanted to share the new toy I bought him with Wil. He was so excited when I gave it to him, and then he took it straight over to Wil on the rug and showed him! So adorable! I think the photo of that is on Pat's camera and I have to try and find my adaptor so maybe next post I'll show you!

05 March, 2013

Update on us, Mackay and Wil

This is my second week back at work and it's fairly slow going. Motivation levels were right down last week but I had enough to keep me busy so it was OK. The weather is starting to get on my nerves - the wet season has arrived late and it's so wet. There's a cyclone forecast for later in the week that may or may not cause more rain.

The plans for the house still haven't come back from the engineers - this is starting to get quite frustrating. Should be this week.

Wil is currently lying in his cot, crying. We think it's a wind pain cry but aren't sure. We keep going to him, soothing him and he stops and then starts again as soon as we've made it back to our bed. No doubt we'll sort it out.

28 February, 2013

A few more for you...

A few more pics off my iPad. Pat has gone back to work this week- Wil and I have been home alone during the day for 4 whole days! It feels like 1 day and 100 days at the same time. Wil really is great, it's his mummy who's trying to learn what he needs but he's very patient! He's going through a growth spurt this week I think- he wants to eat a lot and is eating bigger amounts each time so that's nice. We have a checkup with the paediatrician tomorrow so fingers and toes crossed all will be well! I like the picture of Wil with his shark towel... A shark ate the baby! It's far too big for him but I couldn't resist!